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This is my fandom journal, in which I have a serious love for a lot of TV etc and a serious hatred of spoilers! You'll find that my fic and icons are not friends locked, so if you want to read or steal iconage, you don't need to friend me, if you don't want to! Please note that I might not friend you back, but that doesn't mean I won't check your LJ every now and then, or say hi etc, I just find that I don't always have time to deal with a huge friends list - I'm working out a process for that, so bear with me!

Anyway, for those curious as to what fandoms you'll find here, please see below - I'll note where I'm not up to date and may note a few pairings, but that doesn't mean there aren't others I will write/read. As per the above, I'd appreciate it if you didn't spoil me for anything.

Hawaii Five-0 -- still only seen up to & inc 2x01 (Steve/Danny)
Mentalist -- just watched episode 3x19 (Jane/Lisbon)
Primeval -- am at episode 5x03
Smallville (Chloe/Oliver - wll also read most other Chloe Pairings and I can so see Lex/Clark and Clark/Oliver in the show, so totally willing to read that!)
The Big Bang Theory
Farscape (John/Aeryn)
Stargate: SG1 (Sam/Jack, Daniel/Vala, Sam/Jonas, Sam/Orlin, Cam/John Sheppard and I'll actually pair Cam with almost anyone -- male or female -- also theemdash has convinced me that I can even like Daniel/Jack, on occasion)
Stargate: Atlantis -- (John/Cam Mitchell, John/Rodney, John/Elizabeth and I like Teyla/Ronon, but the one pairing I will not read it John/Teyla. I hate it.)
Battlestar Galactica (2003) (Lee/Kara, mainly, but I like Helo/Athena, also)
Gilmore Girls -- (Lorelai/Max, Rory/Tristan, Rory/Logan, Lorelai/Christopher, don't mind Lorelai/Luke too much either)
Bones -- haven't seen any of the new season (Booth/Brennan, Angela/Hodgins)
Supernatural -- 6x12 (I only have cross-fandom pairings, currently love Chloe/Dean and Sam/Chloe in Smallville crossovers and Lita/Dean for WWE crossovers)
WWE, Wrestling
Buffy & Angel
Firefly/Serenity 1(Mal/Inara, Kaylee/Jayne, Zoe/Wash, and I don't mind some others)
Private Practice -- 2x08 Addie/Pete, Cooper/Violet
Harry Potter
Heroes -- 1x09
Alias -- 5x01 (Syd/Will and Syd/Sark)
Dark Angel -- (Max/Alec, Max/Logan)
Grey's Anatomy -- 4x07
JAG -- (Harm/Mac)

Okay, here comes the crediting:

Icons are credited individually on the icon page.
WWE Stills Mood theme is mine, let me know if you want to use it.
WWE Moving Mood theme is by rory_tutorgirl

Brushes used to create my icons and layout were found on LJ (for those with LJ usernames), http://aethereality.net and at PSBrushes.net and were made by the following people:

padabee, seleneheart, creamuts, lynn_chang, lil_brokenangel, dekolette, alazysod_icons, azuremonkey, bittersweet_art, erniemay, gardeniadust, rhsp_csi, ruthenia_alba, worship_elle, luminousdaze, lillysunshine, candycrack, paine_09, ashenvale_moon, yume_odori, shoqolad, inxsomniax, kekoah, madika555, cauldroncake, sha (sha@blistered.org), Sunira (www.sunira.net), JaapvdV (http://jaapvdv.deviantart.com), Luminicity (http://luminicity.deviantart.com), Ylenia (http://ylenia-firenze.ptibook.com), Oneserenityone (http://oneserenityone.deviantart.com), LadyVictoire (http://ladyvictoire.deviantart.com), SadisticClown (http://www.envisionextreme.com), Bi-Extacy (http://bi-extacy.deviantart.com), EPHEDRINA-STOCK (http://ephedrina-stock.deviantart.com), KaliJean (http://www.kali.me.uk), Sid (http://www.passivepilgrim.com), Angela3D (Angela3d@mail.com), JimHeretic (http://jimheretic.deviantart.com/)

I have some textures that are really old, that I was given by various friends, so I have no way to credit. If you see a texture that's yours and isn't credited, I'm sorry. Please let me know and I'll add you to the above list.