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Fic Rec: Red, White & Who (Mentalist/Doctor Who Crossover)

Okay, so I've not been around much (tbh, work is just making me so tired all the time - am in need of a holiday, but I won't bore you with that atm...)

Fic: Red, White & Who
Author: SpaceAnJL
Genres: Doctor Who & The Mentalist
Characters: Jane, Lisbon, Tenth Doctor, Rigsby, Cho, Van Pelt
Pairing: A little Jane/Lisbon flirting, but it's not the focus of this fic
Summary: Sexy. Damaged. Brilliant. Erratic. And there's two of them.

Why you must read this fic: Because it's brilliantly in character and manages to cross two very different genres in a way that works. The Doctor and Jane play off each other seamlessly and the dynamic between the characters works perfectly. The only problem with this fic is that there are only four chapters.

"Is it just you working this case?'

A flash of something that might be pain, might be guilt, flickers over his face.

"Yes, well, I'm flying solo at the moment." His eyes pause on Van Pelt's red braid for a moment. "I...recently lost my...partner."

Van Pelt gives him a sweetly sympathetic smile as she gives him his tea.

Jane watches him.

He's a born showman. Used to manipulating people and events to his own ends. Expects people to follow him, if only out of confusion. Confidence that can so easily tip over into arrogance, born out of being the smartest person in the room. Gleeful enthusiasm, a mask covering a deep, abiding sadness. And a hint of something very, very dangerous, very well hidden, but coiled and ready to strike. He's lost people close to him, and been responsible for their loss. Carries a heavy burden of guilt...

"Stop it." Smith says, firmly.

"Stop what?"

"That...thing you're doing. I don't go around...well, actually I do, but...anyway, just...stop it."

Why I'm so excited by this fic: I've spent the last week trawling for good Mentalist fic and have come across an alarmingly high percentage of crap. Don't get me wrong, I've found a some absolute gems, but my brain was dribbling out of my ears before I found this. And it has the Doctor. And Jane. Both being awesome. (and it has some Jane/Lisbon, which I adore!)

Note/Request for Comments: I'm currently at DW2005 6x05 and Mentalist 2x20, so please don't spoil me for anything past that, if you comment! Someone inadvertently spoiled me for the Bones finale on their LJ and if that happened with either of these shows (esp. Mentalist) I think I would actually cry!
Tags: doctor who, fanfic, fic rec, jane/lisbon, mentalist, ten
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