October 16th, 2007

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SGA: "Christmas with the Millers", a wee!John fic

Christmas with the Millers
By Kyizi

Stargate: Atlantis and all related items do not belong to me, only the stories and their related original ideas and characters are mine. No copyright infringement intended.
Rating: PG
Characters: Rodney, four-year-old John Sheppard, Jeannie & the Millers, SG1
Spoilers: A few minor ones for S3
Feedback: Is a gift. It’s nice to give :)
Notes: OMG, wee!John ate my brain! That’s the only explanation for the fact that I cannot stop wanting to write him! I totally blame this on loriel_eris, as she continued to enable this ‘verse. It’s all her fault!

Lori, hope you feel better, this is for you *smooch*

Summary: It's at times like this when Rodney can't help his rising hopes that, one day, he might get the real thing back.

This ‘verse started with Five Ancient Devices Rodney McKay Wishes He’d Never Discovered and continues in Just an Ordinary Day.


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