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Stargate: Atlantis...

I only have one episode of SG1 and two of SGA left to watch! Woohoo!

This, however, was my immediate reaction after watching Irresponsible...

*dies in puddle of drool*

Just watched 'Irresponsible' ...the shoot out with John and Kolya? I have never wanted John Sheppard more!

John Sheppard as a gunslinger; please, someone, write me an AU!?

I’ll even start you out with some ideas:

(Note that I have Cam Mitchell on the brain atm, but this is just ideas. Leave SG1 out of it if you want!

Please also note that it was 3am when I wrote this, so it likely sucks!)

“So, Mitchell, any last words?”

Wasn’t exactly the way Cam had planned things to go down. It was supposed to be an easy job; in, get the money, out before the Sheriff even finished wiping his ass. Guess, he should’ve known that things weren’t going to go well.

It wasn’t exactly like he was cursed, or anything. Well, not exactly, but then he wasn’t the Invincible Jack O’Neill either and not one damn person he ever met let him forget it. Sure, Old Jack had handed the team over to him, given his blessing (in the way only Jack O’Neill can – ‘Try not to get anyone killed’ ), but it wasn’t like they’d rolled out the welcome wagon either. Sometimes he wonders why he didn't just stay on his own.


He glances up at the pasty guy holding the rifle and shrugs. “Nah, words ain’t my strong point. I'm strictly a point ‘n’ shoot kinda guy.”

The men surrounding him chuckle low and, well, kinda creepy-like. He feels it’s likely their way of pointing out that his way doesn’t work on your knees, unarmed and staring into the barrel of a shot gun.

Pegasus was a small town, one of those general-store-caters-all kinda places. It didn’t take them long to find the only bar, either; sat dead in the centre of town, looking all bright and shiny new in the middle of the smaller building around it. Seemed to have it’s own space, too, as if it needed to be set apart. Cam had heard good things about the ‘Lantis (he was pretty sure it was supposed to be called something else, but even shiny and new wasn’t in perfect condition way out and the sign wasn’t complete) and better things about the way the town ran. Didn’t matter that Mayor Caldwell technically held the power, way Cam heard it, the owner of the ‘Lantis had her own peacemakers and Cam couldn’t deny that he’d heard enough whispers about Sheppard to know that the man was meant to be the best. One shot was all he needed. And he never missed.

Come on, though, so much possibility!



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