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26 December 2006 @ 02:37 pm
Fic: What's Simple is True, 3/10 (SG1, 12A/PG-13)  
What’s Simple is True
By Kyizi

Stargate: SG1 and all related items do not belong to me. Only the story and all original characters therein are mine. No copyright infringement intended.

All notes etc in Chapter One

Previous Chapters

| Part One | Part Two |

* * *

Part Three

* * *

"Uncle Daniel, can we get ice cream?"

"Not until you've eaten dinner. We have to wait for your mom to get back and then you can ask her."

"Puh-lease, Uncle Daniel!"

"I...no, not until your mom's here."


"My five year old children aren't beating you into submission already, are they, Daniel?" Sam grinned, coming round the side of the bench.


Sarah and Alice jumped off the bench and grabbed a hold of one of Sam's legs each, rendering her immobile. She laughed and peeled them away, swinging them into her arms.

"Ugh, you guys are getting heavy!" She pretended she was about to drop them and they squealed before wriggling out of her grasp and running off to the swing set to play. Sam laughed and sat down on the bench next to Daniel. After a moment, she felt his hand slip into hers and squeeze it.

"How are you?"

"I'm okay."

He squeezed her hand again and she turned to look at him. "How are you?"

Tears pricked her eyes and she closed them over. "I met Jack at General Hammond's grave."

"Oh." Daniel's eyes widened and he cleared his throat. "That, eh, that can't have helped."

Sam laughed humourlessly. "That's an understatement. I can't even begin to think of the repercussions with my life, never mind with the Colonel, I just-"



"Jack's a General now, Sam."

"Oh." Sam took a few moments to digest the information before smiling a little. "Good for him."

"Sam, don't even start to think about Jack at the moment. Something brought you here and if it wasn't my messages, then it was still something important. So I'm gonna ask you again. How are you?"

Sam took a few moments and she was sure that Daniel must have thought she was going to ignore him again. "I'll make you a deal. Let’s not think about it just now, we can go back to the hotel, I'll put the kids to bed early and then you can tell me how you tracked me down and I'll explain what's been going on with me over the last fourteen years and you can do the same."

Daniel smiled and nodded. "I have a better idea. Why don't we leave the kids with Amy and head over to the hotel and we can talk without worrying about waking the kids."

Sam smiled. "I really wouldn't want to subject your wife to the twins when they're this hyperactive. Not to mention Liam." Her gaze turned to her son, who was sitting on a swing, moving slowly back and forth with his feet, staring at the ground. "He's been...well-"

"Its okay, Sam, she's been putting up with me for years, I think she can handle the twins. She's good at getting people to think they're getting what they want, when really it's just her giving as much as she's willing to."

Sam laughed. "I take it you have first hand experience with this?"

"Oh, yeah." Daniel smiled and squeezed her hand again. "Come on, it'll be fine. And whatever is wrong will keep for another day."

"I don't know, Daniel. Things are...complicated."

"And sharing them isn't going to make them any worse. It might just make them better."

Sam smiled and nodded. "Okay, we'll talk."

After heading back to the hotel and packing some clothes for the children, Sam followed the directions to the Jackson house. She was greeted by a large honey coloured Labrador that bounded down the path and jumped on her, pinning her to the car. Laughing, Sam extracted herself from the animal, petting it and leading it back towards the house. She knocked on the door but got no reply and instead, followed the dog, and the sound of screaming children, around the side of the house to the back yard.

"Auntie Sam!"

Sam smiled and dropped to her knees, scooping up Katie as the dripping wet girl bounded into her arms. "Somebody's having fun," Sam said with a laugh. "What are you up to?"

"Mommy's chasing us with the hose. Ali didn't want to play 'cause she got all wet."

Sam placed Katie back on the ground and the girl instantly ran off towards Sarah, the two girls squealing as Amy approached them with the hose. Sam laughed and looked around the garden, noticing Alice sitting in the corner pouting. Since Liam was nowhere in sight, she assumed he was in the house with Daniel, and she went to speak to her daughter.

"Alice, what's wrong? Why aren't you playing?"

"Sarah stood on my foot and she wouldn't say sorry. Daddy always said we had to 'pologise."

"Oh, sweetie, I'm sure Sarah didn't mean it."

"But she didn't say sorry."

"I'm sorry, Ali."

Sam turned around and smiled at her other daughter, who had snuck up on them. She pulled the dripping wet girl into her arms and kissed the top of her wet head. Turning, she saw that Alice was now grinning. The two girls hugged and Sam smiled before jumping up in shock. She looked down as water dripped from her clothes and hair. The girls all squealed with laughter as Sam turned to face Daniel's wife, who was grinning wickedly at her.

"I cannot believe you just did that!" Sam laughed.

"I can." Daniel said, entering the back yard, laughing at his friend. Shaking his head he indicated the house and Sam frowned, noticing Liam sitting on the patio steps.

Sam turned and mock glared at Amy. "I'll get you back for that one, Major Jackson, count on it."

"I can't wait." Amy laughed and started chasing the girls again. Sam shook her head, hoping to dislodge as much water as possible before walking to Daniel and handing him the backpack that had the children's things in it.

"You certainly have your hands full with that one, Daniel."

"You have no idea." Daniel laughed. "Throw in Katie and the dog and trust me, you don't want to be here for April fools."

Sam laughed before heading up the garden to the patio. She squeezed the excess water from her t-shirt before sitting next to her son. She knew her worry had to be evident on her face, but she didn't care. Liam was never quiet. The only time she had ever seen him so quiet had been just after Orlin's death, but it hadn't taken him long to break. This was different. He didn't have his father and he was pushing her away even more forcefully than he ever had before and she hated it. She hated that she couldn't reach her son, hated that his life had been built on lies, but most of all, she hated that he looked so lost and alone.

She reached a wet arm out and pulled him against her side. He struggled to get away from her, but she refused to let him go. "Liam, honey, just listen to me." His struggling ceased and she took a deep breath. "I'm going to go back to the hotel with Daniel tonight. I'm going to tell him everything and he's going to help us, okay? I need you to stay here with Ali and Sarah and keep them safe, can you do that for me?"

After a moment, Liam nodded and Sam smiled sadly. "Thank you," she whispered and kissed his head.

She let him go and stood up, moving back into the garden, not looking back for fear her heart would break just looking at how lost Liam was. Daniel was simultaneously kissing his wife and struggling to get the hose from her grasp. The girls were giggling up at them and Sam had to smile. She had rarely seen Daniel so happy. Before she even realised it had happened, he had grabbed the hose and was chasing Amy around the garden with it. After a few minutes, he gave the hose to the girls and ran towards the side of the house, indicating that Sam should follow him before Amy caught up with him.

Laughing, Sam ran around the house to find him sitting in her car. She slipped in the driver’s seat and shook her head. "Something tells me you're going to pay for that one later," she said, smirking.

"Oh, I'm counting on it!"

* * *

The drive between Daniel's house and the hotel was fairly short, and after eating in the small hotel restaurant, Daniel and Sam made their way into the hotel room and headed straight for the mini bar. There was a friendly silence as they made themselves comfortable on the swinging couch that was on the veranda.

"So," Daniel said expectantly.

"So." Sam sighed. "I, I don't know where to begin, really."

"Well, why don't you start with your disappearance."

"You make it sound so ominous."

"Well, Sam, you just disappeared. We thought you might be dead. You left without a single word to anyone and, no, I don't include the time Jack saw you in the elevator."

Sam smiled. "I should have known you'd believe it was real."

"Well, Jack believed it was, so if he did, then it must have been true. You know what Jack's like, he never believes all 'that old mumbo jumbo'."

Sam smiled and nodded. "Yeah, I guess." There was a slight pause and Sam sighed, knowing that there was no point in putting things off any longer.

* * *

Sam sighed and rubbed her red, puffy eyes. She wasn't even sure how long she'd cried for, only that it had felt good to finally let it all out. Daniel had been supportive, he'd held her for a long time, just letting her cry and he'd finally filled her in on everything that had happened since she had been away. He had told her how he had met Amy and she had laughed at the description of their destined-to-fail first date, that had consequently led him to assume that would be the end of it, only to discover how wrong he was.

She wasn't surprised to hear that Jack had been in charge of the base only to hand in his resignation and return to the field. Jack never had been one for a desk job and Sam really couldn't picture him staying in one for long. Teal'c had eventually returned to Chulak to fight with his people. After his son had been taken by the Goul'd, yet again, he, Jack, Daniel and Lt. Fairgreave (her replacement) had rescued the boy, only to leave their friend behind on his home planet.

However, the thing that surprised her most of all was that Cassie was married. The little girl she had helped rescue so long ago was married, and had been for over a year. The young girl had studied Astophysics at university, according to Daniel, in order to follow in her footsteps. It was something that she had trouble picturing. Cassie was still a small child in her eyes, and to know that she was married, had her degree and was now working at the SGC was just beyond her comprehension.

Sam pulled back the covers and crawled into bed, pulling the quilt over her head, hoping to forget what tomorrow would bring. Daniel had made her promise to go to the base with him. It was something she knew she had to do, but that didn't mean she had to like it. If the day she had just made it through had shown her anything, it was that facing Jack was likely to be the most difficult thing she would ever do. And she wanted to put it off as long as possible. But he knew she was in town. He knew that she was likely to turn up at the base, and most importantly, he knew that he deserved an explanation.

With thoughts of Jack running through her mind, Sam drifted off to sleep...

The light seemed to seep into every fibre of her body. It was harsh, but it didn't hurt, instead, it was accompanied by a strange sense of calm. The light seemed to pulse around her. She could see everything around her, it floated below her, and yet she was not a part of it. The whoosh of the Stargate closing seemed muffled within her cocoon of light and she had to force herself to keep breathing when she saw who had come through.

There were four of them, dressed in a uniform she would recognise blindfolded with only her hands to guide her. They moved slowly, having sensed no need for haste. She had known they would come from the moment the MALP had come through, and she had forced Orlin to make sure that their home would not be seen. The world around them was desolate and if she was honest with herself, she hated it. She had thought that being with Orlin would make everything all right, and to an extent it did. But there was only so long a person could go without the company of more than one person.

They were both within the protection of Orlin's people now, but that didn't make for much in the area of conversation. His sacrifice had allowed the forgiveness of his people and in turn, he had instantly returned to the planet and taken her away from everything she had known. But he was alive, both corporeal and not. He had all he could want and she was still unhappy. And now, watching the people she missed the most walking mere inches below her, she understood why.

"Okay, pan out. Daniel, you're with me, Teal'c take Fairgreave and head into the hills. Report back if you find the naquada."

Sam wasn't sure how long she watched them, but when night fell and her friends were asleep, under the watchful eyes of their new Lieutenant, she felt tears falling. Orlin had left her on the branches of a tall tree, knowing that she would need the time alone and all she had been able to do was remember. Remember what life had been like as a part of SG1, remember her father, her brother, her friends, everyone she had left behind to follow this life with the man she had so quickly fallen in love with. But most of all, she missed Earth. She missed her way of life, she missed her people.


The gentle whisper caused her to smile and she turned slightly as the light reached the tree branch. Orlin surrounded her and took her a safe distance from the camp, and when the light faded and he was standing before her, she saw the Stargate circling behind him.

"You want to return."

Sam smiled sadly. "I don't think I can live like this any longer Orlin. I need to go home. I don't care if we have to hide away on Earth, but I need to be around people again, Orlin. And I miss..."

"You miss him."

"I miss my friends, my family. Yes, of course I do."

"Then we shall return."

It had been the hardest thing she could remember doing. She had been forced to remain at a safe distance from her friends. Watching their friendly camaraderie as an observer rather than a participant, was heartbreaking. But she had forced herself to remain silent. The trip had been long, but the wait at the base had been excruciating. They had had to wait until someone had left in order to follow them to the surface.

Jack had finally made his way to the top of the base and she hated the look on his face. His face seemed worn and weathered more than it ever had. Years of keeping himself together seemed to crumble the minute he stepped into the lift alone, his facade dropping, and Sam felt her heart break.


Her eyes widened and she gripped Orlin tighter. How could he have known? It wasn't possible, and yet he was looking straight at her, a look of disbelief in his eyes as Orlin whisked her away the minute the doors opened.

There was a loud knocking. It was getting louder until she couldn't bear it any longer...


She jerked awake and whirled around, surprised to see Daniel crouched by her bed. A moment later, all her memories surfaced and she nodded, standing and pulling her robe tightly around her. She moved quickly to the door and glanced through the peephole and gasped.

"What? What is it?"

Without even turning to look at him, Sam opened the door. Nodding briefly at the three officers, she set her lips in a grim line.

"Major Samantha Carter?" Sam nodded and the man instantly turned her around, twisting her arms behind her back and locking handcuffs in place.

"What the hell is going on?" Daniel moved towards them, only to be stopped by one of the men.

"Major Carter, you are under arrest."

"What? Leave her alone!"

"Leave it, Daniel." Sam shook her head and moved to the doorway without struggling. "I'm due a court martial and we both know it."


"Just take care of my kids for me. And remember what I told you about Liam. Take good care of my boy, Daniel."

Daniel nodded and Sam smiled sadly, moving out of the door, struggling to keep her head held high, despite the looks she was receiving from the people passing by. She had expected this sooner or later, but if she was honest, she expected it more later. There were very few people who knew she had returned and she could only think of one that would have turned her in.

* * *

The room was small and cold and she couldn’t help the involuntary shiver every time there was so much as a noise from the hallway. She huddled up on her bed and glanced at the bars on the small window that was so far up the wall, she couldn’t even see through it on tiptoes. She had only been in the confines of the room for two days, but it felt as thought she had been there for weeks.

The moon was shining through, casting a sliver of light across the floor and she had to force herself to keep back her tears. Sarah had always been afraid of the moon, and she knew that her daughter would need her right now, and it killed Sam not to be there for her. Two days in the cell, two days without contact, except for mealtimes, and already she was so lonely that she felt she was reliving the days after Orlin’s death.

Looking around the dark room, she couldn’t believe that this was what had become of her life. She had had such high hopes, everything had seemed so achievable, and then it had happened. She’d been working on the Stargate project, a dream come true, and then came her family, another dream she’d achieved, and she had to wonder if this was where it was all going to come crashing down. Everything around her was different, jail cell aside. Just over a year ago, she’d been so happy. She’d had a husband, a family, a new job…it had all been too perfect. Something had been bound to ruin everything. She’d just never thought that something would be Jack.

Sam closed her eyes and this time, she didn’t bother stopping her tears. She couldn’t believe that he would betray her this way, a part of her still refused to believe that he had, but there was no other way to look at it. There was no one else that could have handed her over to the authorities; no one else knew she was here. She desperately wanted to believe that she could just close her eyes and when she opened them things wouldn’t be as bad as they seemed; she wanted to believe that everything could be perfect again.

Over the years, there had been so many times when she would dream about meeting up with her friends, her family, the people she had been forced to leave behind. In her head, she lived the fantasy, the world where everything worked out okay, and everyone forgave her…almost everyone. It didn’t matter how many times she’d imagine it, it was always the same; he would look at her with that burning betrayal in his eyes and he would just turn and walk away from her. After a while she had stopped dreaming.

And then it had happened for real. She had finally looked into his eyes again and, although things seemed to have happened pretty much the way she had expected, she was so sure there had been a spark of happiness in his eyes, even if it was only there for a few moments. Or maybe she had just imagined it. Either way, she guessed it didn’t really matter. She was in a jail cell, and the only place she was likely to see Jack again was in a court room.

* * *

“No, don’t you dare put me on ho…on hold again.” Daniel grunted in frustration as the annoying music started again; panpipes were fast becoming the instrument he hated the most.

“Did they put you on hold again, sweetie?” Amy asked, frowning as she came into the room to find her husband sitting in silence again.

“Yes.” Daniel sighed. “I’ve been at this for two days and I still don’t know a damn thing. Yes, hello!” Daniel sat up straight as a voice came over the other end of the phone, greeting him with about as much warmth as the ice creatures of Hoth…and he really had to stop watching Star Wars with Teal’c when he came to visit. “Yes, I’m looking for information on Major Samantha Carter. She was brought in Thursday night about 3am.”

“I’m sorry, sir, all information in that area is restricted to authorised personnel.”

“I don’t care about-”

Amy walked over to him. “Give me the phone, sweetie.” Daniel passed the phone to his wife and she smiled warmly at him. Suddenly her smile disappeared. “No, you listen to me. I am not taking no for an answer. This is Major Amy Jackson, I’m posted at Cheyenne Mountain.” There was a pause. “No, I don’t want to hold while you to talk to your superior, if you can’t do your job, then put me in touch with someone who can. Yes, that’s fine. Okay. And what are the charges? Has anyone been in contact with her? General O’Neill just arrived?” Amy turned to Daniel, her face a mix of surprise and anger. It was the same look that was on Daniel’s face. “No, its okay, I don’t want to talk to him. Just make him aware that Major Carter will be receiving some visitors and it had better be authorized.” Amy hung up the phone without giving the soldier at the other end the opportunity to answer and handed the phone back to Daniel.

“Jack’s there?”

“Just arrived,” Amy said icily. “What the hell does he think he’s playing at?”

“I have no idea, but we still don’t know what happened, Aimes.” Daniel placed the phone back on the desk and stood up, pulling his wife into his arms. “For all we know, this could be a misunderstanding. We still don’t know the details.”

“Daniel, you may not be in the military, but you’ve been around it for long enough to know that Sam would have ended up in there at some point. She’ll be up for a court martial, and there’s nothing any of us can do about it.”

“Yeah,” Daniel said, resigned. “I know, but I guess I just never thought that Jack would be the one to put her there.”

Amy looked up at him and kissed him lightly. “I’m sure that she didn’t either.”

* * *

Part Four

* * *