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Lita Ficathon Masterlist


Hey all!

Well, that's the end of the ficathon. Below you'll find details of each request and a link to the fics. I hope everyone involved had fun writing and that everyone reading both enjoys and leaves some feedback!

Writers please note that, if you had a particular dislike mentioned that wasn't part of your requirements, I still mentioned it to the person writing your fic. Hence, there may be a few extra things mentioned, such as pairings you didn't like.

AJ wrote for Mel (mab_319)

Title: Strip Poker
Pairing/Characters other than Lita: Dave Batista/Dawn Marie, John Cena/Ashley Massaro
Requirements of assignment: Strip Poker or drunken truth or dare jenga, Dawn Marie or Ivory as Lita's best friend,
Lyrics/Quotes: "I've got the right temperature for keepin you warm"
"Do you really think I scan walk and talk while on stairs?"
"Don't you remember me falling down the stairs?"

And (cherrycokerocks) wrote for AJ

Title: Who Says You Can't Go Home
Pairing/Characters other than Lita: Lita/Edge, John/Trish, Randy/Melina
Requirements of assignment: Lita being friends with most of the divas. Vacation style relaxation. No Rape/sexual assault, no Edge/Adam bashing, no Lita/Matt.

Author's Summary: Lita and her friends enjoy a rare free weekend, relaxing in Mexico. Who wanted Lita being friends with most of the divas and Vacation style relaxation. Title lifted from the song 'Who says you can't go home' by Bon Jovi, which was one of AJ's requested lyrics.

Karen U (revivingophelia) wrote for Sez

Title: Make Me Wanna Kiss You
Pairing/Characters other than Lita: Lita/Cena, Jeff Hardy
Requirements of assignment: Jeff Hardy/Lita friendship pairing. Eventual Lita/John Cena romance. No Trish/Cena. No Matt/Lita. No Edge/Lita.
Lyrics/Quotes: "Saying you're sorry can only get you so far. Try letting your actions speak next time."
"How about we try walking and talking at the same time?"
(So far, only the first quote is used.)

Kori/justagirl (sweetrapture82) wrote for Karen U (revivingophelia)

Title: Fools Like Me: Parts 1-4, Parts 5-7
Requirements of assignment: Lita/Cena or Lita/Orton. Ashley as bad. No Maria pairing. No Lita getting badly injured. No Matt/Lita.

Mel (mab_319) wrote for Kori (sweetrapture82)
Title: Foolish Dreamers
Pairing/Characters other than Lita: Includes Lita, John Cena, Maria and Ashley, only pairing is Lita/John
Requirements of assignment: Lita/Cena or Lita/Orton. Maria or Ashley as bad. No Maria/Cena or Edge/Lita.
Lyrics/quotes: "You used to captivate me."
"Foolish deamers turn their gaze "

Professional Scatterbrain wrote for Sherrick (lita_cena425)

Title: Forgiveness
Requirements of assignment: Jericho still in the WWE. Lita/Jericho. No Matt Hardy. No Ashley.
Lyrics/Quotes: "Because he's loving me for me"
"You're the one that looked right through me when I was invisible"

Kyizi (kyizi) wrote for wrote for Professional Scatterbrain, in place of Sez

Title: Lacrymosa
Pairing: Lita/Jeff
Requirements of assignment: Lita/Jeff. A 'no strings friendship with benefits' getting very complicated. No Stephanie being nice to people, children, or animals. No Lita as a damsel in distress. No Lita/Cena.

Sherrick/adamamy425 (lita_cena425) wrote for And (cherrycokerocks)

Title: Bittersweet
Pairing/Characters other than Lita: Trish Stratus/John Cena; Randy Orton, Trish Stratus, John Cena, Edge, and Jeff Hardy(small part at the end)
Requirements of assignment: Lita with Cena, Orton, or Edge. Edge as a good guy (His character can be a heel but as long as he's not a jackass to Lita/Amy in real life). No Candice. No Matt Hardy. No Lita/Matt contemplating at Dx, Lita/Randy, or Lita/John Ficathon next... I'd quite like to take part in one myself :)
Tags: fic, ficathon, lita, masterlist, wwe
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