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Welcome to my fandom LJ. If you're only here to read my fanfiction, or look at my icons then please note that those posts are left unlocked.

You will find a masterlist of my fics here.
You will find a masterlist for the wee!John 'verse here.

Please note that you can also get my fic from my Yahoo Group, KyiziFic, or on my ff.net profile, although please note that not everything is up to date.

In no particular order my main fandoms are:

Hawaii Five-0 (am at 2x02 - no spoilers please!), Doctor Who, Mentalist, Primeval, Smallville, Firefly/Serenity, Farscape, Stargate: SG1, Stargate: Atlantis, Battlestar Galactica (2003), Gilmore Girls, Charmed, Bones, Supernatural, WWE Wrestling, Buffy, Angel, Private Practice, Harry Potter, Alias, Dark Angel, Grey's Anatomy, JAG, Torchwood, and The X-Files.

So, if you want to be friended, stick in a wee reply to this post.

Ta da! I finally got around to making up a Masterlist

And finally, I give you the masterlist of fics. I've separated by genre and put them in order of most recent genres first. And, holy cow, the things you find on your hard drive! I just discovered 15 pages of a Harry/Draco/Blaise fic (I don't think it was all three, just that I hadn't decided what pairing I was going for) and I really want to finish it now! I also discovered a Harry/Draco fic I started writing for abby_i aaaaaages ago.

Anyway, will start with...

Podfic: I recorded Retrograde, by Martha Wilson, which can be found here. (I do intend to finish this series at some point, if Martha's still okay with it.)

Fics prefixed with a * = written a long time ago.
All works in progress are marked WiP.
** = it's a story that's so old I can't guarantee I'll be finishing it.

Genre Navigation (alphabetically)

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I tried a multitude of variations on how this should look. It took forever and I eventually decided on this. If you can think of an easier to read/use way of doing this, please let me know.
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Stupid Email App!


So, for everyone who commented/replied to me the other week, I swear I didn't ignore you on purpose! I synced my new Kindle Fire (so shiny!) at the weekend and got 30emails come through from LJ that I had not got on my phone!!!

Will be replying tonight! Sorry!

Hope you're all well :)

Also, lack of posting is due to watching all of Sherlock. How did I manage to miss out this awesomeness until now!? I ♥ Benedict Cumberbatch! :)

mayor of crazy town

in case anyone needed further proof that i am *insane*...

So I've started taking the megabus when travelling to Edinburgh, because it is, at most, half the price (prices vary depending on how early you book). So, about a week ago, I'd mentioned to my friend that I might be needing to work from Edinburgh this Friday and could she put me up. We decided it was as good a time as any to plan our September hiking trip and also I could catch up with our group of friends whom I've not seen in months, as well as go climbing with her. As it turned out, I didn't need to work from Edin, but, since I'd made plans, asked if I could anyway. I mean, it wasn't going to cost that much...

So, yeah, I had a hair appt last night and my friends were at a Fringe show, so I booked a late bus. And then spent the entire journey freaking out about whether or not I'd left the grill on. And, the thing is, this isn't a stupid assumption with me, it isn't just one of those paranoia kicks where you spend the day idly wondering if you've left your ghds on. I have left the oven/grill on before. Many times! The only thing is, the longest length of time I'm normally away from said left-on-appliance is a work day. I had no plans to be home for a few days!

So, I arrived too late to really do anything about coming back to Glasgow last night, spent a further hour freaking out at my friends and on the phone with loriel_eris and being calmed enough to realise that, no, it's not likely that my oven will explode if left unattended for the night, but yeah...

So here's me, on less than 4hrs sleep, having spent almost 5x as much on a return train ticket than my bus ticket through here cost me, sitting on the 6:08 train to Milngavie, planning to travel all the way to Partick, check my cooker is switched off, get on a train back to Edinburgh and into work for 8:30 (I'll likely be closer to 9), on a day I didn't have to actually be in Edinburgh in the first place.

Thank God Costa was open from 5pm...

Also, how is this my life!?

Oh, and I'm typing on the BB and the interface is rotten, so I won't be checking this post before I hit 'post' - sorry f formatting or spelling/typos are abundant!

Fic Rec: Red, White & Who (Mentalist/Doctor Who Crossover)

Okay, so I've not been around much (tbh, work is just making me so tired all the time - am in need of a holiday, but I won't bore you with that atm...)

Fic: Red, White & Who
Author: SpaceAnJL
Genres: Doctor Who & The Mentalist
Characters: Jane, Lisbon, Tenth Doctor, Rigsby, Cho, Van Pelt
Pairing: A little Jane/Lisbon flirting, but it's not the focus of this fic
Summary: Sexy. Damaged. Brilliant. Erratic. And there's two of them.

Why you must read this fic: Because it's brilliantly in character and manages to cross two very different genres in a way that works. The Doctor and Jane play off each other seamlessly and the dynamic between the characters works perfectly. The only problem with this fic is that there are only four chapters.

"Is it just you working this case?'

A flash of something that might be pain, might be guilt, flickers over his face.

"Yes, well, I'm flying solo at the moment." His eyes pause on Van Pelt's red braid for a moment. "I...recently lost my...partner."

Van Pelt gives him a sweetly sympathetic smile as she gives him his tea.

Jane watches him.

He's a born showman. Used to manipulating people and events to his own ends. Expects people to follow him, if only out of confusion. Confidence that can so easily tip over into arrogance, born out of being the smartest person in the room. Gleeful enthusiasm, a mask covering a deep, abiding sadness. And a hint of something very, very dangerous, very well hidden, but coiled and ready to strike. He's lost people close to him, and been responsible for their loss. Carries a heavy burden of guilt...

"Stop it." Smith says, firmly.

"Stop what?"

"That...thing you're doing. I don't go around...well, actually I do, but...anyway, just...stop it."

Why I'm so excited by this fic: I've spent the last week trawling for good Mentalist fic and have come across an alarmingly high percentage of crap. Don't get me wrong, I've found a some absolute gems, but my brain was dribbling out of my ears before I found this. And it has the Doctor. And Jane. Both being awesome. (and it has some Jane/Lisbon, which I adore!)

Note/Request for Comments: I'm currently at DW2005 6x05 and Mentalist 2x20, so please don't spoil me for anything past that, if you comment! Someone inadvertently spoiled me for the Bones finale on their LJ and if that happened with either of these shows (esp. Mentalist) I think I would actually cry!